National Education Policy 2020

Know about the National Education Policy 2020

[epcl_box type=”information”]New Education Policy 2020: The National Education Policy has ushered a revolution in the Indian education system. After a long wait, the Government made significant and progressive changes and announced the national education policy. The changes made make it a more progressive policy that the national education policy of 1986 was. So, what is this new education policy?[/epcl_box]

National Education Policy

What is the national policy on education?

Nai Shiksha Niti – National Education Policy 2020

The National Policy on Education focuses on developing individuals’ creativity and enhancing their critical thinking and problem-solving approach. This education policy is based on the fact that education should focus not only on cognitive capabilities but also on social, ethical, and emotional capacities. Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has said that there’s no shortage of content. Still, it is essential to know which knowledge to necessary to gain and the NEP focuses on providing the same to the students.

National Education Policy 2020

The NEP education System:

Every student should follow his/ her passion, and the new Education Policy 2020 provides the students the option to choose the subjects they like and also opt-out if they want to. The national education policy 1986 focused on what to think, but the National Education Policy 2020 emphasizes How to think. The NEP will help set a global standard, and the 5+3+4+4 system aims to make the students a global citizen while being connected to their roots.

National Education Policy 2020

Aim of the New Education Policy: 

The National Education Policy 2020 aims at making the teachers’ the center of fundamental reforms in the education system’. The teachers are the most valuable citizens of society as they shape the students who are the future of the country. The New Education Policy 2020 aims at empowering the teachers so that they can do their job efficiently.

The national policy on education focuses on providing students irrespective of the place they reside in a high quality education system and focus on the students who are at a disadvantage and are the underrepresented groups. The NEP will make education accessible and achieve social and economic mobility, growth, and equality. The main features of the national education policy include the following:

The previous NPE 1986 focused on access and equity. But the unfinished goals of the NEP 1986 / modified in 1992 – NEP 1986/1992 will be achieved with the National Education Policy 2020.

Download complete NEP press release PDF here: NEP 2020

Fundamental Principles of NEP

 Some Fundamentals Principles that Guide the National Education Policy 2020

  • Identifying the students’ capabilities- and enhancing the unique skills to ensure holistic development in both academic and non-academic spheres.
  • To achieve the fundamental Literacy and Numeracy for all students up to Grade 3.
  • The flexibility provided to students to choose the subjects they want and opt for carers in which they have an interest and aptitude.
  • The line will blur between arts and science, and there will be no distinction between vocational and academic streams. There will be no separation and distinction between curricular and extra-curricular programs.
  • Create holistic education and is a multidisciplinary education system to promote unity and integration of knowledge.
  • Promote Ethics and Constitutional Values such as empathy, mutual respect, equality, respect for public property, etc.

Some More Principles.

  • Focus on conceptual understanding rather than on rote-learning.
  • Impart life skills such as Communication, Cooperation, teamwork, and resilience.
  • Integration of Multilingualism and use the power of language in Teaching and Learning.
  • The New Education Policy 2020 aims to put the teachers and the faculty at the center of the education system.
  • The Nai Shiksha Niti also focuses on regular formative assessment rather than summative assessment, which has given rise to the coaching culture.
  • Full equity and inclusion so that every student can be a part of the current education system.
  • There will be extensive usage of technology in Teaching and Learning will remove language barriers and benefit the ‘Divyang’ students’ access to education.
  • To ensure synergy in all the curriculum across all the levels of education, from early childhood care and education to higher education.
  • The focus of the New Education policy will be outstanding research’ that will provide excellent education and development.

New education policy 2020 highlights

Sharing the Infrastructure and Resources

  • Integrate education at all the levels
  • Create a community of Teachers and Students
  • Joint events to promote Art, culture, and Sports

The policy aims at providing Continuous Professional Development:

  • According to the New Education Policy: The teacher will be expected to participate in a minimum of 50 hours of CPD opportunities annually for their professional development.
  • Teachers with demonstrated skills of leadership and Management will be trained to helm leadership positions.
  • Impart essential skills in the students and introduction of Contemporary Subjects at all levels

Focus Areas: 

The policy will focus on the following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Environmental Education
  • Organic living
  • Design Thinking
  • Holistic Health
  • GCE- Global Citizenship Education

Focuses on Teacher Education

  • The NEP aims to change the approach towards Teacher Education.
  • NCFTE 2021- National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education.
  • The NCTE will formulate the NCFTE 2021 by consulting with the NCERT.
  • Moreover, the teachers will be given more autonomy choosing the aspects of education while focusing on Socio-Economic Learning. The Government considers it’s a crucial component of the student’s holistic development.

National Education Policy 2020

The National Education Policy 2020 aims at:


  • Competency-Based Education
  • Integration of the Subjects
  • Development of Scientific Temper
  • No solos among subjects/Learning


  • On Digital Literacy
  • Promoting multi-Lingual Teaching
  • Agriculture Education
  • Vocational Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Technical Education National Educational Technology Forum

National Education Policy 2020

Know further about the National Education policy 2020-

  • The Government will create Technical Education National Educational Technology Forum to provide an interactive platform to enable free-flow of ideas on different aspects of using the technology, enhancing the learning assessment, etc.
  • The aim of universities to become multidisciplinary institutions that will offer various disciplines. The objective is to provide holistic education.
  • NEP also focuses on teaching advanced technologies such as Machine Learning. In an attempt to propel this idea further, universities will now offer Ph. D. and Masters Programme In such new technologies and prepare the students for new bright careers.
  • The NEP policy will now encourage learning institutions to focus on disruptive technologies that will usher a revolution in the Indian education system.

National Education Policy 2020

If you are interested in knowing further updates about NEP and education, watch this space for more informative content.

National Education Policy 2020







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