Career Options after 12th Commerce without Maths

Best Career Options after 12th Commerce without Maths

[epcl_box type=”information”]Learn about the best courses after 12th for commerce students who haven’t studied Maths in class 12. The future of Commerce pupils is very bright without Maths also, as there are several career opportunities available. [/epcl_box]
Have you passed your 12th exam? Are you exploring career options after Commerce without Maths? If yes, then you’ll get all your answers here. Not everyone likes to opt for Maths, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Your choice of a subject depends upon your interest and aptitude, which further determines your career choice. In this article, we’ll let you know about the different Career options for commerce students without maths.

Future of Commerce Students

If you think about what the future of Commerce students is, you’ll be glad to know that several Career options await students of Commerce Stream without having to study Maths at a higher level. Make highly-informed decisions after 12th and choose from our list of the best Career Options after 12th Commerce without Maths.

Choose a Field/ Work that you Like 

Before we discuss the career options in Commerce without Maths, you need to understand that a career that you have an interest in and have an aptitude for, should be your ultimate choice. It is because you should choose a course that you have a genuine interest in and would love to work in the specific field for a long time, Remember, this advice will help you considerably in making a career after opting for Commerce that will make you financially independent and make you happy. So, let’s get started.

Future in Commerce without Maths

  • B Com: A Bachelor’s in Commerce can be your top choice after clearing the 12th class in Commerce. It is a 3-year undergraduate degree course for which you need not require Maths to pursue it. You can opt for a generic BCom degree or a BCom Honors degree.

  • BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration- This academic course in Business Studies, which you can go for after the 12th. There are various subjects you study in this three-year course such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Business, etc.

  • Chartered Accountant: Chartered Accountancy course a great option to pursue after 12th without Maths. All you need is 60 % aggregate in your 12th Commerce Stream, and you can easily register for the coveted CA Course and this is the highest salary job for commerce students.

  • Company Secretary: If you haven’t studied Maths in your 12th Standard, you can easily opt for a CS Course. After completing the course, you can get senior posts in reputed organizations that look for a specific set of skills.

professional courses after 12th commerce

Management Courses: 

  • BMS: The Bachelor of Management Studies is an under-graduate three-year academic course in Management, which enables you to get the skill sets in Managing a business with a focus on core business activities such as Finance, Human Resource Management.

  • Hotel Management Courses: This course in the Hotel Industry does not require you to study Maths, and you can opt for this three year Bachelor Degree course in Hotel Management.

  • Event Management: If you love socializing and want to take up managerial roles, Event Management is the right career option. It is an exciting career opportunity that attracts people with an interest in managing events.

Law & Other Courses: 

  • Law: This is one of the best careers after 12th, where you don’t need Maths to be eligible to apply for the course. You can pursue the Bachelor of Law -LLB course, which is a three-year course. You can also opt for an integrated five-year course such as BA LLB, B. SC LLB, BBA, LLB, or BCom LLB.

  • Education: You can go for a BBA + B. ED Integrated course or choose to do a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. You can also go for a Diploma in Elementary Education, which is not as intensive as the Undergraduate degree, but does prepare to take up the role of a primary teacher.

  • Travel & Tourism: If you have a passion for discovering new places, meeting new people, and having an interest in Travel, you can make a career in the Travel & Tourism Sector. You don’t require Maths in class 12. Several career opportunities are available in different sectors after completing this course.

Professional and Creative Courses After 12th Commerce

  • Design: You can also go for a career in the Arts and Design and study Fashion Design, Textile Design, etc. Unleash your creativity in this field and get lucrative jobs in different industries.

  • Animation: Do you enjoy Animation? Do you feel you are creative and can create magic with an exceptional combination of Text, Colors, Images, Sound, and Visuals? If yes, then this is an apt career for you. You can study Animation from a good institute and get a great job in the animation field.

  • Digital Marketing Courses: Do you love to be on Social Media Websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and love to tell your stories. You can help organizations to sell their products through Digital Marketing and make a professional career after 12th Commerce without Maths in the exciting field of Online Marketing!

Professional and Creative Courses After 12th Commerce


The above-shared information will help you explore varied career opportunities in Commerce without Maths. So, no worries, if you do not have the aptitude for solving mathematical equations at a higher level, you can certainly refer to the above list of best career courses after 12th Commerce. Depending on the university or institute you are applying for, you have to appear for entrance tests. After passing the criteria, you can pursue a course of your choice!

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Do let us know your queries and suggestions you would like to share with us in the Comments section below. Remember to choose a career after 12th Commerce without Maths that you love and want to pursue in the long run!

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